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Apple Cider Vinegar Lexicon A to C

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Lose weight

Can I lose weight with apple cider vinegar?

The supreme discipline of organic apple cider vinegar. Organic apple cider vinegar itself has almost no calories and can act as a natural metabolic booster in the body. Before eating, a glass of water with two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar can take away cravings and protect against food cravings, as the blood sugar level can be kept constant...


Does apple cider vinegar help against bacteria?

High-quality organic apple cider vinegar is used successfully and sustainably as a proven folk medicine to kill bacteria and other pathogens. This is particularly confirmed by empirical medicine, which highly praises gargling with apple cider vinegar for infections in the throat and throat.

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How to use apple cider vinegar correctly?

Apple cider vinegar is extremely versatile. As a fine seasoning in the kitchen and as an old remedy from folk medicine. The combination of these many advantages is valuable, and you can easily use them by incorporating them into your everyday life. Whether as apple cider vinegar water or as a seasoning for food, for example in a salad. Apple cider vinegar is particularly valuable in combination with honey.

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Who came first?

Apples belong to the rose family. They have been around since around 4000 BC. Christ. They grow all over the world because they are the only fruit that can adapt to all weather and soil conditions. Accordingly, there are around 20,000 apple varieties.

For the best organic apple cider vinegar, 100% ecologically certified, fully ripe apples are pressed and fermented. It is particularly valuable when all apples come from German farms.

Since apple cider vinegar is created through completely natural fermentation, so to speak, by itself, it is just as old as the apple itself.

Apple Cider Vinegar

How is apple cider vinegar made?

Organic apple cider vinegar is created through double fermentation of organic apple juice - in a completely natural way. During the first fermentation, the fructose turns into alcohol. In the second step, the bacteria in the vinegar mother convert the alcohol into acetic acid. Due to the many valuable and active ingredients contained in apple cider vinegar, it has been said to have numerous positive properties in natural medicine for thousands of years.

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Apple cider vinegar makes you beautiful, slim and smart.
—Dr. Johanna Höhl-Müller

apple cider vinegar water

When do you drink apple cider vinegar water?

An ancient drink that the Italian legionnaires brought to Hesse when they built the Limes. It was strengthening, thirst-quenching and healthy. In addition, the water was disinfected and made more digestible by a dash of apple cider vinegar. Even today, vinegar water with its numerous positive effects is used as a daily detox routine and calorie-free refreshment.

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When does apple cider become apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider is the precursor to apple cider vinegar. The vinegar bacteria convert the alcohol into acetic acid; this is called fermentation. This happens in a targeted and controlled manner for vinegar brewers, but unfortunately sometimes happens accidentally for home wine makers. Then the cider has the famous - but unloved - “vinegar sting”.

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Flat stomach thanks to apple cider vinegar?

Belly fat is described by medicine as the most dangerous of all flab. The fatty tissue on and especially in the stomach, also called visceral fat, develops messenger substances that can lead to heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke and arteriosclerosis.

Apple cider vinegar has proven to be an excellent fat burner. Before each meal, a glass of water with two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar acts like a metabolism boost and can significantly contribute to greater fat burning. As always, proper nutrition and sufficient exercise are basic requirements for a healthy life.


What does certified organic mean for apple cider vinegar?

Every apple processed in BioEss apple cider vinegar comes from an ecologically certified meadow in Germany and carries the DE-ÖKO certificate. This guarantees that no chemical fertilizers or pesticides were used and that the apple meets the highest applicable quality standards.

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Apple cider vinegar for cholesterol?

Japanese studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can help lower blood fat levels in diabetics. It can also lower cholesterol levels. Daily apple cider vinegar water has been shown to increase good HDL cholesterol levels and reduce bad LDL levels in experimental studies.

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Cocktail with apple cider vinegar?

Thanks to its fine, neutral acidity, organic apple cider vinegar gives many fruit juice cocktails a special note. This is perfectly expressed, for example, in the alcohol-free POMP organic aperitif 0.0 , in which the complex, multi-layered aromas of this alcohol-free aperitif experience a fine freshness.


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