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Which vinegar for histamine intolerance?

What I also laughed at for years has happened to me. And I'm grateful that I've been able to help myself since the diagnosis . I completely avoid anything containing histamine or only take it in small quantities.

After a few weeks, thanks to self-compiled lists, I had internalized quite well where this nasty histamine is everywhere. Not just in cured meat, aged cheese and red wine, but also in legumes, soy (!), all kinds of vegetables and fruits, in vinegar and also in drinks . Even in sparkling wine (which is also in our Pomp Cuvées.) Great!

Apple cider vinegar is very well tolerated by most people with histamine intolerance.

Histamine in vinegar? No thanks!

My body probably thought that long before the diagnosis when I offered it too much food or drinks containing histamine . A good year ago I finally found the key to feeling better in my skin. Because I can't break down histamine well, I now at least know why my neurodermatitis "spontaneously" worsens. I can accurately associate my skin condition and its reactions with foods and drinks that contain a lot of histamine .

The histamine content under the microscope

Of course, we also had our own products tested for histamine . Since vinegars, especially the widely used balsamic vinegar, contain a lot of histamine, relevant guides recommend apple cider vinegar as the only vinegar that is compatible with histamine intolerance . My luck - we make it ourselves :-) Since honey can be a possible histamine carrier, we immediately had our RECIPE 1779 (our super mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey) tested - and it passed the test very well : it was from the laboratory no histamine content measurable ! It can therefore be assumed that our BioEss apple cider vinegar (pure, without added honey) does not contain any histamine.

For your information: The laboratory measurement limit for histamine is < 0.25 mg/kg.

Apple cider vinegar is the best vinegar for histamine intolerance

Of course, as with all natural products , with our BioEss apple cider vinegar, each filling can always be slightly different in terms of histamine. Therefore , always test carefully , the body always reacts a little differently. Since then, I have been careful not to use balsamic vinegar or other wine vinegars in my salad dressings . When I'm in a restaurant, I sometimes just use olive oil and leave out the vinegar altogether if organic apple cider vinegar isn't available.

Better be safe – sparkling wine feeling without histamine and alcohol!

At the same time, we also had our non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternatives tested in the laboratory. Our organic aperitifs did great! Both varieties, the Pomp Bio-Aperitif alcohol-free fruity, as well as the fine-tart oriental aperitif without alcohol showed no histamine in the test . This means that nothing stands in the way of a carefree champagne moment if you have histamine intolerance, or even if you generally don't want to drink alcohol! If you are interested in our alcohol-free aperitif from POMP, you can find the mini tasting set here.

Feel free to write to us about what unknown tips you have for enjoying your life despite histamine intolerance!

Note: These are my personal experiences. Since every body is unique and reacts individually, try everything carefully. Wishing you all the best!

To our HIT compatible apple cider vinegar


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