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A story of enjoyment

We are a small, traditional family business with a long history. Since 1779, our parents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins, ..., sisters and brothers have dedicated themselves to the enjoyment of apples.

portrait der familie dr. höhls auf der streuobstwiese im hintergrund eine vespa
alkoholfreie drinks mit blüten und beeren dekoriert neben zwei flaschen bio filler
schöner teller mit forellentartar und apfelessig vinaigrette

9 generations

Combining well-being and enjoyment has been our family's mission for over 240 years. It is our daily motivation to be a real added value for you!

Welcome. Your family DR. HÖHL'S
Johanna, Anna, Johannes and Christina

junge streuobstwiese in hochstadt
gegenlicht auf der streuosbtwiese am abend
johannes sitzt in einem apfelbaum und grinst herunter

that is important to us

Preservation and reforestation of orchards

For us it's not just about continuing our personal history, it's also about the heritage of nature : the wonderful, natural orchards.

Some orchards have been in our family for generations. In 2008 a new meadow with 380 old apple trees was added. Specially old varieties such as Goldener Edeapple, Trierer Weinapfel, Rother Eiserapfel, Champagne-Reinette, Boskop, Speyerling, Bohnapfel and Schafsnase grow on this ecologically certified piece of land.

The last time 380 young trees were planted was in 2007, and they have been contributing to the rich harvest for the past three years. With the complex and expensive care of the orchards, we contribute to the preservation of this traditional and valuable form of fruit growing . In orchards there are tall fruit trees of different ages and different types and varieties.

Orchards are among the most species-rich biotopes in Central Europe and are of outstanding ecological importance with around 5,000 animal and plant species. For many animals , orchards are important replacement biotopes and last refuges.

By enjoying BioEss & POMP , you are actively contributing to the preservation of our unique nature and regional cultural landscape.

Erfahre mehr über das Biotop Streuobstwiese

Are you coming along on a little journey through time?

1779 – 2023

altes familienfoto der vorfahren der familie höhl mit kegeln und bembeln
Our origin

In Hochstadt, our ancestors began to press wine from apples from the Hochstadt orchards for their own pubs.

altes foto mit den vorfahren der heutigen familie höhl auf einem erntewagen
The apple harvest

Everyone helps: In autumn, the surrounding orchards are traversed with horse-drawn carts to harvest the fully ripe apples.

alte firmenbücher mit sütterlin schrift
Historical shopping books

Proof of purchasing apples and grapes. An indication for us: The fine gentlemen must have already splashed their cider with sparkling wine for special occasions ...

altes foto mit den vorfahren der heutigen familie höhl
Full of pride

1929 ... the first delivery van!

historische aufnahme der ersten kelterei höhl
A solid foundation

In the 1930s, our great-grandfather Wilhelm Höhl built an ultra-modern wine press in Maintal-Hochstadt.

historisches sekt etikett von höhls schaumwein maingold
Not just cider

The sparkling addition to the cider range: Höhl's sparkling wine - a popular alternative to sparkling wine.

altes schwarz weiß foto mit höhl hochstadt opel lieferwagen aus den 1950er jahren
The first fleet

The delivery truck fleet has grown to an impressive 4 trucks.

historisches plakat für bioess den gesunden apfelessig
BioEss apple cider vinegar

After years of apprenticeship in progressive Switzerland, our grandfather had the idea of ​​introducing “bio-ess” as the first organic apple cider vinegar brand on the German market in 1962.

scan mit der lieferwagenflotte aus dem geschichtsbuch der familie höhl
A uniform appearance

The impressive fleet ensures punctual deliveries “despite difficult traffic conditions”.

markenzeichen blauer bock apfelwein
The Blue Buck

With its well-known apple juice and cider brands “ Blauer Bock ”, “ Schoppepetzer ” and “ Der alte Hochstädter ”, the Höhl winery has grown into Germany’s largest cider press under our grandfather.

johanna höhl mit uli stein und ihrem pomp secco
The renaissance of POMP

Our mother Johanna revived the old tradition of mixing apple wine with sparkling wine on the occasion of her parents' golden wedding anniversary: ​​The renaissance of the dominion-injected apple wine sparkling wine !

leere getränkekisten der kelterei höhl
The end of an era

After many good decades, 2007 was a black year for our family: the winery had to be sold. With it all the traditional apple juice and cider brands, and our “BIO-ESS”.

historisches etikett der ersten pomp secco cuvée
Johanna's POMP Secco

The still young POMP will not fall victim to the sale and will continue to be run as an independent brand by Johanna.

silberner sektkühler mit drei design flaschen sekt
Expansion of the POMP brand

In close collaboration with Frankfurt's top restaurateurs, we develop the “ Frankfurt Champagne for guests from all over the world ”: POMP Grande Cuvée has been one ever since popular regional alternative to Prosecco & Champagne .

johannes seibel und anna lenhard im portrait mit der ersten füllung der apfelessig rezeptur 1779
The new(nt) generation

Johannes and Anna want to continue the long family tradition and legacy . Together with Johanna, we founded DR. HÖHL'S GmbH & Co. KG as a small, independent company and bought back our “ BioEss ” brand.

grafik pomp spendet romantik aufkleber
Cooperation with the Goethe House

It's a match! The POMP Cuvée fits the Romantic era like no other drink - in which Goethe lived in Frankfurt and our ancestors started their business... We donate €2 from every bottle ofPOMP Romantic Edition to the culture.

close up schwangerer bauch und oma die auf den bauch zeigt mit zwei sektgläsern
Celebrate without alcohol

Christina is pregnant for the first time - the expectant grandma Johanna decides: “We'll make a delicious, really non-alcoholic sparkling wine for pregnant women! “. Shortly afterwards our first DR. HÖHL'S POMP organic aperitif 0.0 fruity appears.

close up schlichtes etikett in rautenform für alkoholfreies bio getränk
Alcohol-free enjoyment remains a trend

Connoisseurs who want to celebrate alcohol-free and prefer things less sweet will get their money's worth with our new creation POMP Organic Aperitif 0.0 Feinherb .

close up etikettierung von hand auf einer flasche edelbrand
Limited Edition Calvados

Johannes is fulfilling a dream in a small edition: The Millenium noble brandy made from turn of the millennium apple wine x Riesling grape.

alkoholfreie bio filler stehen vor zwei drink gläsern
Another addition to the family

The organic aperitif in 0.2 l - always a sparkling fresh portion as a non-alcoholic aperitif for a toast, or as a botanical filler for the (house) bar.

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