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Vinegar of health – BioEss Premium organic apple cider vinegar

Old advertising poster Organic Ess Apple Cider Vinegar Vinegar of Health
Archive food advertising: A BioEss poster from the 1960s with the inscription "Vinegar of Health"

The vinegar of health

Happy Birthday: Throwback 60 years of BioEss organic apple cider vinegar

We're celebrating the 60th birthday of our regional superfood, yeeaaah! It's hard for us grandchildren to believe today, at the end of 1962 it was our grandfather Rudolf Höhl who was probably the first to bring organic apple cider vinegar onto the market in Germany. He was way ahead of his time...

What is still just as popular today as it was back then is the premium taste and the great brand name “bio-ess”, which is not a bit outdated! We are proud of our family heritage and look forward to giving our fellow human beings more enjoyment and well-being with the 9th generation of the BioEss brand. (Spoiler: 60 years of BioEss competition ;-))

Therefore premium apple cider vinegar

Our grandfather was very visionary and far-sighted: right from the start he relied on whole organic apples for his premium apple cider vinegar .

Especially for products that only consist of one ingredient, the quality and naturalness of the raw material is crucial for two things: for a pure, good taste and a high digestibility of the vinegar . This is how BioEss Premium Apple Cider Vinegar still rewards us today :-)

From the very beginning, Grandpa Rudolf pursued higher quality standards for his apple cider vinegar than was generally the case:

  • only whole, fully ripe apples
  • free of sulfurous acid
  • free of technical aids
  • free from foreign additives

Brand design in the 1960s

Symbolic of the quality of premium organic apple cider vinegar, our grandfather Rudolf Höhl named his extremely digestible organic apple cider vinegar

organic food”

This brand has been registered since 1962 and today we are very grateful to be able to keep it family-owned and celebrate its 60th birthday (WOOOOOOW!!!)!

The name is more than brilliant, not just from a brand perspective, and we are proud of our creative grandfather ;-).

portrait rudolf hohl
Rudolf Höhl, 7th generation
Rudolf Höhl made the Höhl winery into Germany's largest apple wine press in the 1980s

Apple cider vinegar as a healthy spice and all-rounder for greater well-being

Our BioEss Premium BioEss apple cider vinegar is still produced today in the same way it was back then and provides us all with the best taste every day for countless possible uses . (pssst... We collect all the benefits of apple cider vinegar in our apple cider vinegar lexicon !)

Scan of a flyer from 1964 on the topic of apple cider vinegar and health

Archive graphic design food advertising: BioEss brochure from the 1960s

The use of BioEss as a wholesome seasoning was already as well known back then as its beneficial properties for health:

BioEss is a convenient way to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

How funny that back then people liked to be comfortable when it came to health ;-)

Apple cider vinegar also ensures a slim figure.”

The enormous versatility and the many positive effects of apple cider vinegar on the organism are an issue today more than ever. It is becoming increasingly important to stay healthy through healthy food. That makes apple cider vinegar a pretty ingenious natural product, in my opinion... and it's easy going and inexpensive to integrate into everyday life...

Speaking of “Being slim with apple cider vinegar” - I listed the latest scientific findings from the French scientist alias glucosegoddess, which also contribute to the Losing weight with apple cider vinegar account, in my blog post about moreenergy and balance with apple cider vinegar some time ago.

Apple cider vinegar for health

Yellow and green apple cider vinegar poster from the 1960s with apple graphics

I love the directness with which advertising used to be done. I can literally hear my grandpa :-) ... who always gave out his advice on how to improve one's own being with a certain grin.

You can do more for yourself!”

(To the delight of all family members, he also liked to stick up notes all over the house saying something like “Please close the toilet seat” :-D) Whatever he used to say was

Apple cider vinegar is good for and against everything – internally and externally.”

There's something to it with all the possible uses for apple cider vinegar. Here are just 3 benefits of apple cider vinegar that I can think of and that I have already tested myself:

  • Apple cider vinegar can help lower blood sugar levels after eating
  • You can also use apple cider vinegar to descale the kettle wonderfully and naturally.
  • ...or do something good for your hair with an acidic rinse .

If that's not versatile...? In my opinion, super good! Especially in this day and age, when we are constantly told that we need an extra remedy for every fart (which costs something and uses up resources...). So back to grandma's sewing box tips and it's better to buy less stuff, which can be solved very cheaply and, above all, in a way that conserves resources with a home remedy!!!

Grandpa's claim from the 60s could perhaps be added today like this:

You can do more for yourself and therefore also for your environment. Or do something for your environment and also something for yourself.”

Advertising archive graphic design for food advertising: pages from the BioEss brochure from the 1960s

Apple cider vinegar is... for your health.”

The topic of health and the value of natural medicine for human health already played a role in the 1950s and 1960s. You always think that this is only the case “today” and back then people had other things to worry about...

At that time, everyone was talking about Dr. med. Jarvis, who described “ the preventative and healing effects of natural fruit vinegar made from whole apples” in his teaching and his book 5 x 20 Years of Life. This doctor recommended our apple cider vinegar at the time ( did he find our apple cider vinegar without the internet?!!) Crazy.

There is also a whole article about apple cider vinegar in natural medicine by my mother in our apple cider vinegar magazine - anyone who would like to read more is warmly invited! Alright, enough story - thank you for this valuable inheritance, Goki (that's what our grandson was called by our grandchildren)!

Your Anna (9th generation) and the entire DR. HÖHL'S family

PS: We are celebrating the 60th anniversary of our BioEss with a big organic competition - have you already taken part? ;-) VERY LUCKY!


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