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DR. HÖHL'S Millennium Brandy is a fine brandy made from apple and grapes - limited edition.

The story behind: What do you do with a thousand liters of cider that has been bottled in black champagne bottles since the millennium (1999/2000) ?

The answer: DR. HÖHL'S Millennium brandy made from apples and grapes! A crazy idea in a limited edition...

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The taste
Fruity notes of apple, woody, delicately spicy.

DR. HÖHL'S Millenium brand 1999/2000 in a strictly limited edition is the must have for

  • any high quality spirits collection
  • a fruit brandy for real gourmets
  • Anniversary gift for the millennium anniversary
  • Absolute special digestif for your catering digestif cart
  • Collector of liquor limited edition bottles

Take 1,200 champagne bottles with cider from 1999/2000 , uncork each one by hand, pour the contents through a sieve into a very large container - put the lid on. Drive it to the Laquai distillery in the Rheingau. Let the contents burn there by hand and with a lot of experience with the addition of fine Riesling . In the meantime, get an oak barrel in France .

After the firing is complete, patiently store the spirit in the oak barrel for refinement. The fire chief will let you know when the time comes... Pick up the barrel, fill each bottle, label it by hand in three different ways, number it by hand, close and seal it by hand with wax.

The result is a unique brand that will definitely not exist anywhere else in the world.


Hochstädter apple wine from 1999/2000

Riesling from the Rheingau

  • Limited Edition Millenium
  • Fruit brandy made from apple and grapes
  • 40% vol.
  • Handcrafted and made with a lot of love.
  • Contents: 0.5 l
  • Best before: Empty

Danger! Only available to people aged 18 and over (D)/21 years of age

Recipe ideas

The first organic apple cider vinegar in Germany – BioEss, since 1962. For a life in balance.

Product information

blick in eine alte baumreihe auf einer ungemähten streuobstwiese
äpfel zu einem herz angeordnet auf einer gemähten streuobstwiese
grafik apfelblüte

commitment to nature

Preservation and reforestation of local orchards

Orchards are Hessian cultural assets that are characterized by the ancient, regional plants. Around Frankfurt am Main is Germany's largest contiguous orchard area .

We continue to promote and preserve these wonderful landscapes, the livelihoods of family ancestors and countless animal species to this day.

In the spirit of sustainability, Hochstadt and the surrounding area are being reforested with organic Champagne Reinette and other old apple varieties .

bild der heutigen familie dr. höhls auf der streuobstwiese im herbst
2 alte schwarz-weiß fotos der historischen kelterei höhl und der familie mit weinfässern und dem "saufparagraph"
altes familienfoto der vorfahren der familie höhl mit kegeln und bembeln

3 centuries of family knowledge

DR. HÖHL'S – For the love of the region – since 1779

For 9 generations, everything in our family has revolved around apples. Based on this long family tradition, we produce valuable natural products from and with apples, just as we did back then.

Whether BioEss apple cider vinegar, our fine POMP cuvées or the alcohol-free organic aperitifs from POMP: With every creation, maximum enjoyment is just as important to us as the well-being of those around us. We want others to benefit from our existence.

BioEss – your benefit before eating.
BioEss – your benefit before eating.
BioEss – your benefit before eating.
BioEss – your benefit before eating.
BioEss – your benefit before eating.
BioEss – your benefit before eating.
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Johannes' recommendation

“Our limited edition millennium spirit – it should not be missing from any spirits collection!”

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