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Apple cider vinegar lexicon S to U

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salad dressing

The quick salad dressing

A basic all-round salad dressing that tastes perfect at the same time and is ready in no time:

1 – 2 tbsp RECIPE 1779 , 4 tbsp good organic olive oil . Pepper and salt. Complete!

Of course, your favorite mustard or other ingredients can also be added here. What is important is the sweet-sour balance of the apple cider vinegar-honey mixture and the good feeling of eating healthily.


How much acid does apple cider vinegar have?

Apple cider vinegar has 5% acidity. This is the minimum acidity value for vinegar set by the EU. Apple cider vinegar is therefore the least acidic vinegar.

Acid-base balance

How do you regulate your acid-base balance?

A balanced acid-base balance in the body is crucial for a healthy organism. The normal pH value in human blood is 7.4. If it is lower, we are overly acidic, which is unfortunately often the case. Too much sugar, white flour and meat causes our pH value to become unbalanced.

Folk medicine has had the best experience with drinking apple cider vinegar water every day, as apple cider vinegar has an “alkaline” effect on the metabolism. How is that? Is the vinegar sour? The explanation: The minerals in the apple metabolize alkaline, the acid in the vinegar “burns” during the digestive process. This makes apple cider vinegar the king of vinegars.

Reading tip: The effects of apple cider vinegar

sulphurous acid

Apple cider vinegar without additives

When sulfurized apple cider is fermented, the sulfur remains in the apple cider vinegar. DR. HÖHL'S BioEss apple cider vinegars have been free from sulfurous acid since time immemorial, which is why they are so valuable.


Why does apple cider vinegar make you fit?

During exercise and in warm temperatures, the body loses an above-average amount of fluid. This leads to fatigue, weakness and, in the worst case, dehydration with a collapse of the entire system. The reason for this is the high loss of minerals that occurs when we sweat. It is helpful to drink in good time, i.e. before you feel thirsty, in order to preventively supply the body with minerals.

Thanks to the mineral content of apple cider vinegar, apple cider vinegar water has proven to be a perfect natural drink that quenches your thirst in a very pleasant way without calories but with a fine fruity aroma and supplies the body with fluids and minerals.

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Apple cider vinegar is a local superfood

Superfood is the modern term for foods that have a particularly high nutritional value. These include vitamins, minerals, secondary plant substances and other valuable and active ingredients. Apple cider vinegar is a local superfood, long before the word even existed.

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Drink apple cider vinegar

Doctors and nutritionists recommend 2.5 to 3 liters of fluid per day. Best in the form of good water. If you find it too boring on its own, you can add a dash of apple cider vinegar (calorie-free) or REZEPTUR 1779 for variety and an additional feel-good effect.

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“Unsprayed foods are always better”

The healthy apples from the organic orchards are unsprayed and unfertilized and provide 100% of the raw material for DR. HÖHL'S apple cider vinegars. Since the apples are pressed whole, ie with the skin and the valuable and active ingredients concentrated underneath, according to our quality standards the apples must ripen completely without any sprays or fertilizers.


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