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Make your own natural refreshment

Make your own infused water and choose the natural way to refresh yourself.

Especially in the wonderful summer we are dealing with questions about terms such as “cooling off”, “drinking water”, “fit despite the heat” or ... “how can I best survive a particularly hot day?”

A homemade natural refreshment - the RECIPE 1779 made from apple cider vinegar with honey in a glass of water

How did you quench your thirst in the past? Let's take a quick look back:

Times with temperatures that put a strain on our bodies are nothing new. For example, think of the hard-working Egyptians or the progressive Romans. Despite the warm climate, both peoples achieved remarkable achievements by building the pyramids and the Limes. Logically, the desire for “fitness” or the “ideal natural refreshment” was already current here too. But what does this have to do with apple cider vinegar or apple cider vinegar water?

We know from tradition that apple cider vinegar was added to the water as a natural refreshment, homemade of course. This was, so to speak, a healthy drink without the help of the beverage industry...

Why don't we still do it that way today? One reason is that, with all the vast and constantly available knowledge, we forget the simple things of folk medicine or tips like grandma . The huge selection of soft drinks also makes us forget that you are doing yourself a favor with homemade, naturally refreshing drinks. Often there is a cheap and healthy alternative from nature for very different questions or problems in everyday life.

Apple cider vinegar water helps through hot days or situations in which the body is under greater strain.

Why is it actually important to drink the right things and enough of them on hot days or in sweaty situations such as when doing sports? Our body uses a clever trick to protect itself from overheating: it forms a refreshing film on the surface of the skin - this is also known as sweating. However, this cool trick also causes valuable minerals to be lost and should be replenished. Did you know that minerals enable the absorption of vitamins?

So it's not enough to just drink fluids . A mix of liquid with minerals, vitamins and fiber is ideal - all of which can be found in organic apple cider vinegar. Another natural miracle cure is honey. Boosters such as amino acids, minerals and vitamins are also included here.

If you want to benefit from both folk medicine remedies , add a shot of DR. HÖHL'S REZEPTUR 1779 to a glass of mineral water, depending on your taste. A quick, easy and sensible way to get fitter and feel more comfortable through hot days. Try this tried and tested remedy and mix your own natural refreshment.

Our recommendation for a natural , homemade refreshment:
2 tbsp DR. HÖHL'S RECIPE 1779
200 ml mineral water

Important: You have to like it. This may require adding more or less of the mixture. The recipe listed above is the way we like it best.

Would you just like to test it out? You can buy our apple cider vinegar-honey mixture here.


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