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The effects of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar in natural medicine - observations from the apple cider vinegar pioneer Dr. Jarvis

Actually, Dr. De Forest Clinton Jarvis only wrote down his experiences as a naturopathic doctor to his daughter and her offspring. His motivation was similar to that of all parents who only want the best for their children: that they stay healthy and fit well into old age ! And this also included the effects of apple cider vinegar.

To date, his book “Live 5 x 20 Years” has been printed more than 1 million times and translated into 12 languages ​​worldwide. As a life and nutritional aid for nature-loving people. It's a shame that this basic knowledge about the effects of apple cider vinegar is no longer published! (See footnotes)

Minerals and their central importance for a healthy organism

The book has 200 pages documenting a wide variety of medical histories and therapeutic approaches. Ultimately, they can be traced back to a common denominator: the basic supply of nutrients to the body and its cells. In particular, the supply of minerals must be correct for the human organism to function. Because without sufficient mineralization, the body is not able to absorb and process vitamins. To make sure of this, Dr. Jarvis goes back to a very simple but effective recipe from natural medicine :

2 teaspoons honey and 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar . Mixed in water and drunk up to 3 times a day before meals as needed. " He summed up the all-round effect of apple cider vinegar and honey simply as follows: This mixture heals and prevents diseases so that illnesses do not arise in the first place.

An additional piece of advice was algae . The importance of a saturated mineral balance was of paramount importance to Jarvis. All mineral salts originate from the soil, with the exception of iodine, which comes from the sea. Since iodine is, among other things, primarily responsible for the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland, Jarvis recommended consuming algae to complete the apple cider vinegar-honey drink if necessary. He managed, among other things, to cure numerous cardiovascular diseases with his therapy.

Vermont Naturopathy

Dr. Jarvis had a practice as a general practitioner in Vermont, USA, and, as a medical scientist, opened up to alternative medicine early on. He was particularly impressed by the traditional knowledge of Vermont naturopathy. And that goes back to the native peoples of the USA, the Indians and their wisdom. The title of the book “Live 5 x 20 Years” comes from Jarvis's firm belief that humans can live to be 100 years old if they are in harmony with nature and their natural instincts . And at the same time maintain your quality of life, i.e. stay fit . With a healthy lifestyle, supported by the diverse effects of apple cider vinegar and honey!

Our grandfather Rudolf Höhl , a convinced Jarvis disciple well into his old age, summed up the beneficial effects of this energy cocktail made from apple cider vinegar with honey as follows:

Apple cider vinegar is good for and against everything – internally and externally.”
Rudolf Höhl, our grandfather.
7th generation of our family business, which has been dedicated to the love of apples since 1779.

What honey can do

Enriched with honey , the positive effects are increased , as honey is a very valuable source of energy. And thanks to its excellent potassium content, honey has an antibacterial effect. 1). Since honey is already fermented by the secretion of the bee's salivary glands, the body can utilize it better than any other sugar . The organism must first make these usable using enzymes. Honey, on the other hand, is naturally an ingenious natural multiple sugar that provides immediate as well as long-term energy. According to Dr. Jarvis knows how to fill every gap in our diet by supplying energy to the brain and heart. How exciting!

Sugar is essential for life – but in the right and proper measure

In order to make the overall context and the role of naturopathy understandable, Jarvis works with a plausible metaphor: “Folk medicine teaches us to keep this human machine, which is our body, running well into old age. The engine of this human machine is the heart. Its fuel is sugar, and it makes a big difference whether you feed your heart natural sugar, such as honey, or refined white sugar." 2)

The sugar content of the whole blood is about 1 tsp full. This salary is so important that if it were reduced to half, one would immediately lose consciousness. If, on the other hand, it is increased to significantly more than normal, even if only temporarily, diabetes can occur." 3)

Honey contains two types of sugar: glucose (approx. 40%) and fructose (approx. 35%). When honey is consumed, glucose enters the blood very quickly. The fructose, which is processed more slowly because it is converted into glucose in the liver, regulates blood sugar levels. This stabilization of blood sugar is significantly enhanced by the effect of apple cider vinegar. Insulin release is reduced and cravings, which are particularly common when dieting, are prevented.

Dr. Jarvis' credo about the effects of apple cider vinegar with honey summarized

Reasonable insight and knowledge of the laws of nature enable us to maintain and continually renovate the body's structure so that we can live comfortably in it for as long as possible. Its resilience depends on the choice of foods we eat, the liquids we drink and the air we breathe. The minerals that we consume through food and drink play a crucial role. They help our bodies function, in other words: they make our lives worth living.”4)

The fact that apple cider vinegar is preferable to any other vinegar is due to its relatively high mineral content , especially magnesium, potassium and calcium, as well as the composition of its individual acids. Today we also know that the minerals in the body metabolize in an alkaline manner and thus bring the acid-base balance into balance.

Jarvis' simple conclusions from his observations and experiences of biochemical and physiological laws from today's perspective are fascinating. We all know the keywords probiotics or microbiotics, which are scientifically proven findings that now guide modern medicine.

The effect of apple cider vinegar on the intestines

Intestinal bacteria used to be considered hocus pocus - today everyone preaches about the connection between probiotics and physical and psychological well-being. Today we know about the promoting effect of apple cider vinegar on healthy intestinal flora. It is the basis for a strong immune system and affects not only the body, but also the soul.

Through the transmissions of the vagus nerve (the vagus nerve is the largest nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system, the 10th cranial nerve, which reaches down into the abdominal cavity in pairs), the “stomach brain” and the head brain influence each other. We now know the central importance of the intestines for our health and its essential influence on our immune system, our brain and our psyche.

Even without this current scientific knowledge, Jarvis already described in 1958 how significantly physical well-being influences feelings of happiness in the soul and spirit. And what everyone should experience firsthand. He called the effect of apple cider vinegar and honey a true fountain of youth - right down to your mental well-being. Because a cleansed and clarified body also conveys psychological well-being via connections between the hormonal and nervous system from the stomach to the brain... Isn't that great?

The effect of apple cider vinegar on cell health

The second currently exciting topic is microbiotics. Dr. In his study of the human body, Jarvis came to the realization that...

Health and illness can be traced back to the smallest particles, namely the cells." 5)

Supported by the view of folk medicine that diseases arise from a disruption of certain fundamental factors of the laws of life, the nutrition of the body cell is decisive for health or illness.

An illness does not come unexpectedly without any cause, like a thief in the night. Before any harmful microorganisms can attack and exert their destructive effect, they must first get into the cell." 6)

It can be stopped by a healthy, strong and “full” cell, which in turn must be able to get everything it needs from the diet. The apple cider vinegar-honey drink can help here with its minerals and the additional property of thinning the blood and thus increasing the turnover.

The effect of apple cider vinegar for acute illnesses or for prevention

It was particularly important to Jarvis to describe the connection between the fluid exchange between cells and bacteria.

“According to folk medicine, bacteria that need fluid to thrive draw it from the body’s cells. However, if a body cell has enough potassium, it in turn draws moisture from the bacteria and destroys them." 7).

In addition to potassium-rich food such as vegetables, salad and fruit, he prescribed his cocktail of apple cider vinegar and honey to his patients. For acute illnesses or for prevention.

Dr. As early as the end of the 1950s, Jarvis saw the danger that people would increasingly lose their healthy relationship with nature and their instincts and thus become more and more susceptible to disturbances. He regretted that people are increasingly beginning to rebel against nature and no longer see the connections and similarities of all living things. He should take a look at the behavior of animals from time to time in order to gain insights into his own well-being.

Fasting is part of human nature

So you can observe that a sick animal e.g. B. refuses to eat any food. Instinctively, it “knows” that when it fasts, its body enters a biochemical state that helps it heal more quickly. A sick person, on the other hand, lets himself be excused for his lack of appetite, but all he needs is fluids, ideally acidic drinks such as apple cider vinegar water, in order to recover more quickly. Somehow the old misconception that something terrible will happen to people if they skip a meal has persisted among many people to this day. 8th)

Fasting stimulates the self-healing powers

Modern medicine now calls this autophagy . A process in which the cell develops forces as a result of a blocked food supply that can eliminate disruptive factors. Modern naturopathy therefore recommends fasting , at least intermittent fasting , as a therapy for illnesses in order to activate the body's self-healing powers . But the A&O here is also a healthy, full cell that is supplied with sufficient nutrients in everyday life. In times when the soil is being exploited and the valuable content of fruit and vegetables is reduced, this should be supported by targeted nutritional supplements, which brings us back to the valuable effects of apple cider vinegar and honey.

The positive effect of apple cider vinegar is only achieved by vinegar made from whole apples

The old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” proves true for Jarvis thanks to the healthy valuable and active ingredients of the apple, whereby the vinegar, as a double-fermented apple juice, is particularly important due to its acids. Apple vinegar has “particularly beneficial effects” compared to other vinegars

...the apple cider vinegar intended for medical purposes should always be made from whole, crushed apples. There is often vinegar on the market that is made from apple peel and core after the pulp has been used for other purposes." 9)

The fact that ecological organic certification is now a given requires no explanation. So it's worth tracing the path from the apple to the vinegar on the label.

All in all, “it is useful for everyone to know exactly what apple cider vinegar does in the digestive organs and how and why two teaspoons of it in a glass of water, taken with every meal, is so beneficial to the health of these organs and the entire body. “10) Together with honey, the energy cocktail is an “all-rounder” for a healthy body as a whole. And therefore a proven and delicious strengthening agent that keeps you fit!

Apple cider vinegar and honey is an all-rounder for overall physical well-being

  1. Apple cider vinegar and honey strengthen the heart and brain and ensure fitness well into old age

  2. ...stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent food cravings

  3. Apple cider vinegar and honey support healthy intestinal flora, the immune system and have a mood-enhancing effect

  4. Apple cider vinegar and honey promote cell health and thus the defense against disease

  5. Apple cider vinegar and honey ensure a balanced acid-base ratio due to the alkaline metabolism of the minerals

  6. Apple cider vinegar and honey support the positive effects of fasting with all its health benefits for humans.

Our fascination is with nature as man's first pharmacy

What still fascinates and convinces our entire family and many others, even 60 years after “Live 5 x 20 Years” was published, is that Dr. Jarvis are not the results of scientific investigations, but rather the attentive and analytical observation of people , their habits and their living conditions. And the conclusions from this do not just come from the 19th century, but from ancient wisdom from the early inhabitants of America, the Indians .

In addition to the many plants and medicinal herbs from which tinctures, juices and ointments were made, it was apple cider vinegar, honey and algae that were used to maintain health and cure illnesses. Nature as man’s first pharmacy – that’s what Dr. DC Jarvis 1958 in Vermont, USA. As a conviction based on ancient traditions, coupled with his current findings at the time. He was right about a lot of things, as today's science confirms. What is true is what never changes. And it's so easy to integrate this truth into our everyday lives and make it a good habit.

Please stay healthy!
Your family Dr. Hoehl's

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