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Apple cider vinegar lexicon J to L

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Jarvis, Dr.

Who was the vinegar pope Dr. Jarvis?

As a general practitioner, he made apple cider vinegar popular in the 1960s. In his practice in Vermount, USA, he primarily practiced with apple cider vinegar and honey in order to use the valuable and active ingredients of these old natural remedies for the benefit of his patients. In his book “Live 5 x 20 Years” he summarizes how and why his patients stayed fit well into old age.

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Can I lose weight with apple cider vinegar?

Counting calories is the basics of losing weight. Only those who consume more calories than they consume can reduce their body weight. Apple cider vinegar can help because it only has 18 kcal/100ml.

The stimulating vinegar water has almost no calories, while apple juice, for example, has 46 kcal/100ml.

In addition, apple cider vinegar can help with metabolism and calorie burning, which makes it important in diets and healthy eating as a whole.

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potato salad

Which vinegar for potato salad?

A good homemade potato salad is a delicacy. Its enjoyment depends largely on the quality of the ingredients. In addition to the type of potato itself, a very important role is played by apple cider vinegar, which is generally considered the tastiest vinegar for potato products. Its delicate acidity and fruity aroma make potato salad a favorite dish for many.

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How to cure with apple cider vinegar?

Treatments with a glass of apple cider vinegar water on an empty stomach are well known and proven. They purify the organism, promote healthy intestinal flora, promote weight loss and contribute to general well-being. Many older, fit and healthy people explain their good general health by regularly drinking apple cider vinegar water.

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That certain extra

“The way to your heart is through your stomach,” because a well-seasoned and healthy meal is one of the most beneficial things a person can experience.

The manufactory product REZEPTUR 1779 provides that certain something here, as it emphasizes the food's own flavors and, with its sweet and sour harmony, forms the basis for perfect dressings and sauces.


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