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Cider with sparkling wine: The Hessian royal spritzer

The forgotten Hessian cultural drink

The most Hessian drink for toasting: The “Herrschafts-Gespritzte” was already a popular drink in Goethe’s time!

Cider with sparkling wine: the story behind it

In the past, when the Hessians had something to celebrate, they “magnificently” splashed their cider with sparkling wine from the nearby Rheingau instead of water . The dominion injected was created.

In 2022 the POMP Klassik Cuvée will celebrate its 20th birthday! That's how long this historic specialty has been available in ready-made bottles.

It still tastes like “a good mood in a glass” today.

The POMP Klassik Cuvée contains exactly this mixture of Hessian apple wine with Riesling sparkling wine. It tastes fresh, tasty and always fits.

It is the most Hessian drink to toast with , because what do you toast with when there is something to celebrate? Exactly, with a sparkling glass of ice-cold sparkling wine. If it comes from the region and tastes tasty, it simply puts you in a good mood in the glass.

Pssst...The apple turns out to be a fresh apple note and even delights those who are not otherwise apple wine fans...

Our old shopping books

With the POMP Klassik Cuvée we bring a piece of history to life and bring the traditional Hessian drink “Herrschaft-Gespritzte” into our time!

The original from POMP

“Since we still have old shopping books and documents that prove that apples and grapes were bought together in Goethe’s time, we are happy that this tradition lives on through us,” says Johanna, the 8th generation of the family.

Our family business from Maintal-Hochstadt, just outside Frankfurt, has been around since 1779 and that's why we are very happy to continue to have the ORIGINAL Macht-Gespritzte in our range.

Original Hessian toast

The fresh, tasty and dry POMP Klassik Cuvée is always the right choice. Whether as a regional gift , a Hessian sparkling wine cuvée for a toast or simply to celebrate the moment - POMP fits the bill.

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