RECIPE 1779 Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey Box

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A real advantage: DR. HÖHL'S local organic recipe made from the best orchard apple cider vinegar and 40% German organic honey is also available as a benefit box for savers.

Beneficial as a balanced mixture for your infused water. Versatile as a natural flavor booster in your kitchen.

Delivery unit: 12 x 0.35 L apothecary bottle with spout

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    The taste

    DR. HÖHL'S apple cider vinegar and honey recipe brings a great aroma to many dishes with its balanced sweet and sour taste. The grandiose finish for your kitchen!

    With REZEPTUR 1779 you can also make a delicious natural soft drink or a sweet and sour lemonade without sugar .


    RECIPE 1779 intensifies and flavors in a completely natural way . The inherent aroma of your dishes, sauces and smoothies is enhanced - from now on nothing is missing from your dishes.

    The REZEPTUR 1779 apple cider vinegar with honey advantage box is perfect for:

    • Regular, versatile use of the beneficial formula
    • Apple cider vinegar for your daily morning routine
    • Daily drinks with apple cider vinegar and honey
    • Apple cider vinegar for fasting
    • Natural seasoning for cooking
    • For the tastiest salad dressing
    • Flavor booster to quickly season your dishes
    • Spontaneous enjoyment gift idea for friends who enjoy good food

    DR. HÖHL'S apple cider vinegar-honey mixture is a traditional superfood and a real all-rounder.


    Only the original mixture REZEPTUR 1779 is...

    • of whole local organic orchard apples (unique!)
    • with 40% German Bioland honey
    • unpasteurized = raw food with live vinegar mother
    • no added sugar, sweetened only by honey
    • without sulfurous acid
    • without additives
    • organic regional
    • without gelatin
    • 3.5% acid
    • double fermented

    This traditional natural medicine mixture made from exclusively local organic ingredients is always freshly mixed and bottled by hand in small batches in our factory .

    100% natural from German organic farming, DE–ÖKO–012. Lt. Law without chem. Preservatives and colorings, without genetic engineering.


    Our sweet and sour “flavor booster” consists of two ancient home remedies in an optimal, tried-and-tested mixing ratio:

    • 60% of the best organic apple cider vinegar made from whole apples from local orchards (direct juice, unpasteurized, with mother vinegar)
    • 40% real German honey directly from the Bioland beekeeper

    Of course everything from German agriculture.

    • Basic metabolizing
    • Optimal sweetness and acidity
    • Traditional home remedy
    • According to the recipe of the naturopathy pioneer Dr. Jarvis made
    • Includes pouring spout for drip-free dispensing
    • With the advantage box you always have a fresh bottle
    • Delicious gourmet gifts in stock
    • Histamine content < 0.25 mg/kg*
      * Despite undetectable histamine levels: Every body reacts differently, please try it yourself carefully if you suffer from HIT
    • Nutritional values:
      100 ml contains on average
    energy (661 kJ) 155 kcal
    Fat 0g
    - hereof: saturated fatty acids 0g
    carbohydrates 36g
    – of which the fruit’s own sugar 35g
    protein 0g
    Salt 0g
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    The first organic apple cider vinegar in Germany – BioEss, since 1962. For a life in balance.

    Product information

    Die einzigartige REZEPTUR 1779

    Bester Geschmack

    Für tägliche Anwendung

    In eigener Manufaktur hergestellt

    Rezeptur der Naturheilkunde

    Nicht pasteurisiert, mit Essigmutter

    Naturbelassen, ohne Zusätze

    blick in eine alte baumreihe auf einer ungemähten streuobstwiese
    äpfel zu einem herz angeordnet auf einer gemähten streuobstwiese
    grafik apfelblüte

    commitment to nature

    Preservation and reforestation of local orchards

    Orchards are Hessian cultural assets that are characterized by the ancient, regional plants. Around Frankfurt am Main is Germany's largest contiguous orchard area .

    We continue to promote and preserve these wonderful landscapes, the livelihoods of family ancestors and countless animal species to this day.

    In the spirit of sustainability, Hochstadt and the surrounding area are being reforested with organic Champagne Reinette and other old apple varieties .

    bild der heutigen familie dr. höhls auf der streuobstwiese im herbst
    2 alte schwarz-weiß fotos der historischen kelterei höhl und der familie mit weinfässern und dem "saufparagraph"
    altes familienfoto der vorfahren der familie höhl mit kegeln und bembeln

    3 centuries of family knowledge

    DR. HÖHL'S – For the love of the region – since 1779

    For 9 generations, everything in our family has revolved around apples. Based on this long family tradition, we produce valuable natural products from and with apples, just as we did back then.

    Whether BioEss apple cider vinegar, our fine POMP cuvées or the alcohol-free organic aperitifs from POMP: With every creation, maximum enjoyment is just as important to us as the well-being of those around us. We want others to benefit from our existence.

    BioEss – your benefit before eating.
    BioEss – your benefit before eating.
    BioEss – your benefit before eating.
    BioEss – your benefit before eating.
    BioEss – your benefit before eating.
    BioEss – your benefit before eating.

    valuable nature

    What does our RECIPE 1779 have to do with the preservation of orchards?

    Find out more about the observations of apple cider vinegar pioneer Dr. Jarvis.

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