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Truly non-alcoholic sparkling wine: pregnancy – with POMP 0.0

Finally pregnant! We toast with non-alcoholic sparkling wine…

There are a few things to consider when it comes to non-alcoholic sparkling wine during pregnancy. Find out everything about it here...

Why alcohol-free is not always alcohol-free

Once you are in the new situation of having a child, completely new everyday challenges arise for the expectant mother: What else can I eat and drink as a pregnant woman? Which things in my current lifestyle do I generally need to adjust or eliminate? Can I drink a glass of champagne every now and then, as was usual in the past? Non-alcoholic sparkling wine & pregnancy – is that okay?


Non-alcoholic sparkling wine & pregnancy

The myth of “non-alcoholic” drinks is particularly tricky for pregnant women

I am convinced that one of the first things must be to consciously avoid alcohol. But not all non-alcoholic drinks are the same - let alone unusual taste experiences . One of the most astonishing facts for me was and is that the term "alcohol-free" appears on drinks such as: B. non-alcoholic sparkling wine or non-alcoholic beer, unfortunately does not represent 0.0% alcohol. It can be read in small print on the back label of these bottles: Alcohol of up to 0.5% (!) may be contained. So if you really want it “without”, you should be vigilant and read up on this.


What all pregnant women want: “A delicious non-alcoholic aperitif please!”

So what are the non-alcoholic alternatives?

Another point for many pregnant women is: What can I enjoy drinking instead? What can I toast with during pregnancy ? Unfortunately, the standard version consists of a glass of orange juice, water... or non-alcoholic sparkling wine that doesn't taste good. Attention! This may even have residual alcohol . Especially at the beginning of pregnancy, when excuses still have to be found, these variants are usually highly suspicious for others.

A very tasty alternative that really doesn't contain alcohol ! I think in this beautiful life situation you shouldn't have to worry about any of these things. But you can really enjoy the time. Luckily, we developed the POMP Organic Aperitif 0.0 Fruity during my first pregnancy. After this first variety, the oriental-exotic alcohol-free POMP 0.0 Feinherb followed. The two delicious aperitifs without alcohol consist of 21 different medicinal herbs, fruits and spices . Both cuvées contain only the fruit's own sugar, without any additives and are of organic quality.


All components of the two sparkling creations provide unique, organic-based taste experiences. And because that's not enough, we take the 0.0 promise seriously: There was and is no alcohol or residual alcohol in the two non-alcoholic fruit juice cocktails. With its beautiful design, a bottle like this is also an ideal gift for a baby shower , girls' evening or a celebratory moment with the family. Conveniently, we also have POMP 0.0 as a piccolo, so it's always worth opening one - even if you're the only one who wants to celebrate without alcohol.

With the POMP organic aperitifs 0.0, it is particularly important to us to enable an appreciation of this special time in life. We also want this product to be a real alternative to non-alcoholic sparkling wine and the usual range of drinks, so that “being pregnant without alcohol” is a joy .

Of course also an ideal drink while breastfeeding ;-)

Curious? Order the POMP organic aperitifs alcohol-free tasting set now


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