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With apple cider vinegar for more energy and balance?

How apple cider vinegar can positively influence our blood sugar

Apple cider vinegar has long been used as a natural remedy. We know from tradition and observations that apple cider vinegar is not only an all-rounder for culinary uses, but also for countless health and, not least, cosmetic applications.

But what's really going on? Can I get more energy and balance with apple cider vinegar? What does energy have to do with blood sugar levels? And can apple cider vinegar have a positive effect on blood sugar levels?
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Through a friend who said

“Anna, there is a young French scientist who has shown through studies that you feel better and have more energy if you drink apple cider vinegar before eating !”,

I became aware of Jessie. More precisely: Jessie Inachauspé, aka GlucoseGoddess!

A young scientist is now proving what naturopathy has been observing and recommending for a long time: the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar can have benefits for our health . BAM.

And our health has to do with our blood sugar levels - even if we are not diabetics . Aha! It was only through Jessie that I found out why the topics of blood sugar and insulin are relevant for all of us, even if we are healthy. I'm currently testing the 10 GlucoseGoddes hacks myself because I feel the need to improve one or two things about myself :-). And to be honest, it's a revelation to me how good I feel after just under 3 weeks !

More energy and balance means something different for everyone

For me personally, it's good when I don't have any major mood swings, my skin feels better, my sleep is more restful and the best of all - I suddenly have significantly more energy (and that as a working mother of a small child - no, I don't have anything else changed.) In short, I feel more in balance again! I notice this because in the evening I simply still have the energy left for a round of yoga, the energy to read something or do some work, instead of falling into bed at 8:30 p.m. dead tired like I have for the last two years.

Science about apple cider vinegar and blood sugar levels – finally understandable!

I am more than impressed by the impressive derivations and easy-to-understand graphics by the young biochemist Jessie Inchauspé. It's the first time that I feel the need to personally promote a person I don't know because I find what they do incredibly valuable. In her book and on her Instagram account @glucosegoddess, Jessie shows us how to easily achieve more well-being and energy , and thus also better health in the long term. Without restrictions and dogmas, as we know from other forms of nutrition or diets.

Source: Instagram @glucosegoddess

She really clears up the topic... I definitely had an eye opener or two! Other things seemed very familiar to me, à la “ what our grandparents always did… ” – and which we have forgotten. Please also see our grandparents’ apple cider vinegar routine blog post.

The glucose trick with vinegar

Scientific studies also support #7 of Jessie's 10 Hacks from her book for a flat glucose curve (And of course I'm very interested in this since we make BioEss apple cider vinegar as a family):

“Drinking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water (before or with a meal) can reduce post-meal blood sugar spikes by up to 30% .”

Easy to implement: Drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before eating to keep your blood sugar curve flat

She explains it scientifically , but in a way that is easy to understand, what blood sugar peaks and a sharply swinging glucose curve have to do with our well-being . And why it brings us more into balance when these peaks become flatter after eating. The blood sugar level can be positively influenced with apple cider vinegar. Isn't that crazy?! 🤩 So you can do something for your health YOURSELF around the clock. You have it in your hand! I am motivated.

In addition to this easy hack , Jessie also shares several tips in her book that I try to apply in my everyday life as best I can without stress. So it's not the apple cider vinegar alone that helps me feel significantly better. But it is a practical part of it that can be implemented easily and cheaply .

The cheapest dietary supplement in the world: apple cider vinegar?

Dietary supplements are usually expensive, especially if you take them long-term. A good and, above all, tasty apple cider vinegar (!) can help you gain more energy and balance without hitting your pocket .

Let me calculate it for you: 1 bottle of DR. HÖHL'S BioEss apple cider vinegar has 500 ml. If we assume 1 tbsp is 15 ml, one bottle has 33 tablespoons. At €3.90, an apple cider vinegar water before a meal will cost you a mere 12 cents. With 3 intakes that would be 36 cents per day for more energy and balance in your life . You can confidently buy a good (and not the cheapest) vinegar.

Practical: A Soulbottle filled with apple cider vinegar water to drink throughout the day

Apple cider vinegar can therefore be a natural dietary supplement and thus provide more energy and balance - for every budget . I think it's particularly nice that with our BioEss apple cider vinegar we produce an affordable product that can help other people and also tastes good. #treatyou!

Eating cake without a guilty conscience

Of course, you don't have to use all the hacks every time. But I think an apple cider vinegar water before a coffee party is a brilliant trick for a flatter glucose curve after a piece of cake. Of course, apple cider vinegar should n't be a free ticket for unlimited sweets. But if you're going for birthday coffee anyway, you can help your body not go on such a crazy glucose rollercoaster afterwards.

From now on I have apple cider vinegar water before eating cake

By the way, apple cider vinegar water can also prevent cravings and you can lead a healthier life overall. The many feedback on her Insta channel prove to me that Jessie's 10 simple hacks not only help me to have more energy and balance . So I'm in love. 1000 THANKS, dear Jessie!

Here you can find Jessie's website and an extensive literature list that lists all the studies she refers to.


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