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Is a truly alcohol-free champagne moment possible?

Maybe you've already noticed: You want a truly alcohol-free champagne moment, but unfortunately most "non-alcoholic" drinks often contain residual alcohol .

Wines are usually dealcoholized there, with small amounts of residual alcohol remaining in the drink. This is also legal, as the law allows up to 0.5 percent alcohol by volume for “alcohol-free”. You only need to know if you don't actually want to drink alcohol.

In the POMP 0.0 organic aperitifs, over 21 different fruits, medicinal herbs and spices carry the aroma and surprise your palate with only the fruit's own sugar.

Since alcohol is the key carrier of flavor and aroma , traditional non-alcoholic sparkling wines have to add grape juice or grape juice concentrate, and often even simple sugar , so that the “non-alcoholic” tastes good.

We've had enough and, above all, we don't like it: That's why we developed the POMP Organic Aperitifs 0.0. So if you want to be sure that there really is no alcohol in your non-alcoholic drink, then enjoy the champagne moment with POMP 0.0, because there was never any alcohol in it.

The production of the POMP organic aperitifs 0.0 - this is how a truly alcohol-free sparkling wine moment is created

1. Variety of flavors from natural ingredients

The fruits of the orchards , where many local herbs and flowers also grow, are harvested and pressed according to their variety. They are carefully and carefully hand-picked to capture the intense aroma and exceptional taste.

We work exclusively with natural aromas that are obtained gently and in a quality-assuring manner from the herbs, flowers and spices . The POMP organic aperitifs without alcohol are created by mixing the direct juices with the many herbs and spices and matching them perfectly. Depending on your taste, you can choose between fruity-berry and oriental-tart.

Your taste counts: Choose between fruity-berry and oriental-tart...

2. A good feeling

It's not just healthy fruits with their vitamins and minerals, but also valuable medicinal herbs and natural polyphenols that combine enjoyment with well-being in POMP Organic Aperitif 0.0.

Local orchards are valuable, centuries-old biotopes that provide habitat for countless plants and animals. You can read more about this on our “Family” page. Join us in supporting the preservation of these wonderful cultural landscapes.

Also interesting: The POMP organic aperitif 0.0 has less sugar content than other alternatives such as high-quality fruit juices that are served in restaurants. It is therefore a wonderful accompaniment to meals .

3. Ecologically certified

POMP Organic Aperitif 0.0 is certified organic and does not contain any preservatives or colorings, flavor enhancers or stabilizers. Pure enjoyment without regrets, with the full taste of natural ingredients.

4. A truly non-alcoholic champagne moment

Finally , by adding well-dosed carbon dioxide, this novel composition becomes a refreshing, tangy fruit juice cocktail, completely without alcohol. This sparkling aperitif meets every alcoholic sparkling wine or aperitif on an equal footing . It is also suitable for a low-histamine* diet.
*After the good laboratory results, we ourselves also had good experiences in personal experiments, but as always with histamine, you should be careful and try it out yourself.

5. 100% organic - 0% alcohol

This 0.0 is actually 0.0 because it is not made from dealcoholized wine/sparkling wine but from ripe, fresh fruit . These come from fields and orchards, all of which are ecologically certified. This is where the intensely aromatic flavors of real “character varieties” mature, giving the POMP Organic Aperitifs 0.0 their expression and complexity .

Whether fruity sweetness or bitter bitter notes - in the variety of often tannin-rich fruits, nature gives us the raw materials that make the cuvées so multifaceted and unique .

Would you like to get to know the two organic aperitifs 0.0? That's why we have the POMP 0.0 Tasting Set Mini ;-)


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