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The unique specialty from the Frankfurt region

How the POMP Grande Cuvée is created from Riesling and Champagne Reinette

The Champagne Reinette

This noble, old apple variety is only ready to eat in November and is often harvested when the first autumn storms have already swept the leaves from the tree. These delicious apples are hand-picked and collected in large baskets on our ecologically certified orchards .

The apples are washed and ground into a coarse, raw apple pulp - the mash. The pure champagne Reinette is pressed in gentle stainless steel presses in order to optimally separate the juice from the pulp while preserving the aroma. This fruity, sweet and sour juice with its many polyphenols makes the cuvée a very special pleasure.

The Riesling sparkling wine

The fine Riesling vines grow on the best slopes . With

Thanks to centuries of experience, people here know how to mature a delicious sparkling wine. The wine, known for its acidity, is transformed into a charming acidity at the end of production thanks to the addition of Champagne Reinette juice.

The Marriage

According to our family recipe, which is over 200 years old, the Riesling sparkling wine and the Hochstädter organic champagne Reinette are combined to create a final cuvée. This production method is called a “marriage”, in which – as in real life – individually developed ingredients complement each other to form a perfect common whole . The POMP Grande Cuvée Rosé gets its special aroma from the finely dosed addition of fresh black currant.

The final

The finished POMP cuvées are filled into champagne bottles under pressure in a closed system. Once filled, the POMP Cuvée is waiting to be enjoyed by you as a very special wine .

Elegant design with fine content from the Frankfurt region – beautiful things can also come from here!

As an elegant aperitif, a companion to dinner and for the next fine moment in life: With the POMP Grande Cuvée Rosé or Blanc you can enjoy a unique drink from the region ...


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