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Apple cider vinegar lexicon V to Z

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Which apple cider vinegar is vegan?

Vegan apple cider vinegar is created by avoiding filtration with gelatin in all production steps. The purely mechanical filtering causes any trub particles to remain in the vinegar, which are not harmful to health or taste, but rather confirm the vegan, natural filtration.

You can get vegan regional organic apple cider vinegar in the DR. HÖHL'S online shop or from selected organic retailers.

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What effect does apple cider vinegar have?

Organic apple cider vinegar is an all-rounder in folk medicine: losing weight, deacidifying, purifying, acid-base regulation, intestinal flora, ..., the daily apple cider vinegar drink can make a decisive contribution to well-being everywhere.

More about this in our blog posts

Spice up

Season with apple cider vinegar

The right seasoning is the be-all and end-all of good cooking. A secret is the balanced ratio of sweet and sour, which gives the food (and drinks) a full, round taste.

This is the effect of REZEPTUR 1779, which, as a real flavor enhancer, tops the aroma of almost every dish and is considered a real booster. So wherever a bit of “taste” is missing, a dash of REZEPTUR 1779 and it tastes good!

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X times a day

How much apple cider vinegar per day?

Organic apple cider vinegar has so many uses that you can use it x times a day. Internally and externally, as an old home remedy or for cooking and baking bread, organic apple cider vinegar knows no limits.

But even the best organic apple cider vinegar is vinegar and therefore a challenge for the nose and palate - especially undiluted.

That's why you should always use vinegar sparingly, but regularly. Its success lies not in the one-time dose, but in daily use. It's all about endurance!

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Where can I find videos about apple cider vinegar?

There are many posts on YouTube dedicated to the health effects of apple cider vinegar and describing proven examples of its use. Apple cider vinegar is also often used in cooking recipes as a fine, neutral acid. Highly recommended!

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Does apple cider vinegar really help?

The renaissance of old remedies from folk medicine has its origins in a return to nature and its valuable gifts. With patience and, if possible, without side effects, many complaints can be alleviated and cured without using chemicals.

Anyone who doubts this only has one chance: they have to try it out.


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